This Is Me

I write to forgive the ones that have hurt me. A way to let go of myself and the things that have broke me. Lines I can pour my soul into without restriction or fear of judgment.

A safe haven built with walls of healing.

My own road to recovery reconstruction. Because we are all still healing from something. I write to spill my heart out in hopes to touch the lives of the people around me. I hopes that somehow I can impact their lives, and be some type of vessel for their hope in better days.

I am a Queen because I am a servant first. I stepped down to step up. Put others before myself. Because being Royal doesn't come by being above everyone, but by being right there with them. I am a Queen because it's what God designed us to be. Kings and Queens of the World.

To be a light in the darkness. Writing is my gift, and it is how I shine.